Neverland Poodles, They Never Grow Up!

Tiny Teacup Puppies!


Quotes I picked up Butch last Christmas Eve. He turned 1 on Oct. 22. He is the happiest little dog you would ever want to meet. We've gone through dog obedience, up to the Advanced Level. He is sharp as a tack but also a wee bit stubborn. (: Tanya has been available for questions since I brought him home. I am so happy with Tanya and her puppies. I am bringing home a puppy from her first litter of Maltipoos. I'll be bringing him home on Wednesday, Nov. 2. I can't wait. Tanya's puppies are the best! Quotes
Karen Miller
Butch's Mom

Quotes I was looking for a male yorkie pup,I happened to look on ebay clasifieds and saw an ad about different breeds for sale they asked what specific breed you want and I answered a yorkie,so they gave me another number to call and there was Tonya on the other end. I asked Tonya about her yorkie puppies that was just born,she gave me information on them,and we went from there. I was happy and excited. Tonya is a great person if you have any questions or concerns she will be gladly to answer them with no hesitations. Tonya is a great listener,she will let you pay down on your puppy and hold them to the last payment,that is what is so great ,I put my deposit on my LiL romeo,a little male yorkie,he is so cute and sweet,we love him very much. If your looking for a great breeder to buy from,I surely recommend Tonya,she is foremost the greatest..You won't be sorry,Tonya's puppies are healthy and beautiful...Thank You..Tonya Quotes
ursula presley
Blessed mommie

Quotes I bought my little Candi on Sept 2, 2011. She was seven weeks old and such a beautie already. She is a Yorkie. I have had two before and I love the breed. Thank you Tonya for my beautiful little girl. The vet said that she is a great little puppy and if I want to get rid of her, he would take her..No way...Again..Thanks Quotes
Dorothy Georgia
Loving my Candi.

Quotes I bought my little Yorki angel Candi on Sept. 2, 2011. She was 1pound and 10 ounces when I got her. She is a few days over eight weeks and I love her so much. Thank you Tonya for giving me the love of my life. Quotes
Dottie Georgia

Quotes I have one of the female Yorkies born on December 13th. She is extremely smart and already paper trained. She sleeps through the night and has kept me up only one night since I brought her home. Tonya's puppies are absolutely beautiful and selectively bred. Tonya is very professional and is a wealth of knowledge. I love my puppie so much and the experience was so great that we are thinking of getting another one and we would never go anywhere else but to Tonya. Quotes
Marybeth Stoklosa
Very Satisfied Mom

Quotes I purchased a yorkie-poo from Neverland Feb 2010 and named her Rogue. She is a incredible puppy. She has a beautiful gray and black coat and a lovable personality. She only came to be about 5.5 pounds, just like Tonya said she would. Tonya was very honest and throughout the whole process she would let me visit my puppy. I never felt like a burden and she made me feel very comfortable to ask her any and all questions I had. This was the first dog I have ever owned and finding such a perfect breeder was a miracle. I recommend her to anyone looking to find a cute and cuddly puppy. Quotes
Samantha B.
Rogue's Mom

Quotes We got Jacxon, a beautiful chocolate brown tiny boy in Jan, 2010. He's now seven months, very calm and well behave puppy. It was a blessing finding Tonya and her puppies. Her puppies are healthy and very well sociallized. She's true to her promise to help with any question or concerns you might have raising your puppy. You will not regret getting a puppy from Neverland Puppies!! Quotes
Miriam Nieves
Jacxon's Mom

Quotes HI! My name is Ursula,I'm very happy to have met Tonya,and her family they are very lovely people,they are caring and i know they love their puppies,I bought Romeo,a black/brown Yorkie puppy on September 9,2011. He is so adorable and sweet,love him and know he will be spoiled. Tonya is a sincere person if you have any questions or concerns,she will be glad to answer them for you,she makes you feel at ease,the puppies are very healthy and well socialized. Neverland puppies is the best place to get a great puppy from,you sure won't regret it!!! Your a blessing Tonya,thank you for my LiL Romeo....... Quotes
Ursula Presley
Romeo's satisfied mommie

Quotes I searched long and hard until coming across Tonya's site and I am so blessed that I did! I adopted a chocolate tiny girl named Dolce. She is full of personality and so well behaved! Tonya is so friendly and amazing! She is truely there for any questions you have at any time (literally). I recommend her all the time for anyone in search of a great puppy from an awesome breeder! Thanks so much I love Dolce to pieces! Asya Lopez (Dolce's Mom) Quotes
Asya Lopez
Dolce's Mom

Quotes Butch is a yorkie-poo,11 1/2 weeks old. We picked up Butch 2 days before Christmas.We had some rough nights.He cried all night and didn't eat much.Sunday morning, the morning after Christmas, Butch was lying limp.He couldn't stand or hold his head up.I was totally freaked out and didn't know what to do.The only available vet was the emergency vet hospital and they cost $1000.00 just to walk in the door.So I called Tonya, at 8am, the day after Christmas.She told me to come right over.She gave Butch some high calorie paste and he perked right up.Apparently these tiny dogs can become hypoglycemic very quickly and really need to have food available at all times.I didn't know this and had been keeping him in a crate at night.Tonya was so sweet and unconcerned as we sat at her kitchen table in our pj's.I had awakened her with my phone call yet she was dressed and waiting for us when we arrived.She not only took care of Butch, she took care of both me and my husband.She is awesome! Quotes
Karen Miller
Butch's Mom